Friday, February 10, 2017

The meaning of the word “CANDIDATE” is being candid, forthright, honest and truthful - YJ Draiman

The meaning of the word “CANDIDATE” is being candid, forthright, honest and truthful. If you do not practice these traits you are not qualified to be a Candidate.

The Mayor and the city council must represent all the people with honesty and integrity. We are going from bad to worse; the people do not trust the government. Don’t you think it’s about time our elected officials face reality and represent the people honestly and truthfully and treat with disdain the politically correct mantra? The LA Times in the past year has rated the LA government with an “F” rating. Does a person running for office must buy his political position? That is not the way our system was set-up by our founding fathers. We have strayed greatly with our original purpose and it is detrimental to our future. Pension liability and benefits is in the billions per year and increasing. All laws must be enforced equally with no exceptions. I collected many of the signatures to be put on the ballot. I spoke to thousands of LA citizens and listened to what is bothering them, the distrust in government, the loss of businesses, the high cost of living and taxation and the deteriorating infrastructure, sub-par education, poor transportation – private and public. The bureaucracy is overwhelming Many have stated that voting is meaningless, the politicians do what they want to do anyway, about 3 out of 10 have stated that they are moving out of LA and out of the State of California, they stated taxes are high and cost of living is exorbitant. YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017

Right to left - YJ Draiman Mayoral Candidate his son David Draiman from Disturbed - Sound of Silence and his lovely wife Miriam Draiman

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